A desired rose


Such silky petals with such colour to match,
Reaching for the sunlight you let your beauty show,
Glowing you are to be the most dominant of colour,
So attractive you are being of such splendor,
Such a sacred bloom you have oh how special you are,
Nothing short of a miracle I see within you,
Even with your horrific thorns you still stand proud,
Crowded or quite alone you manage to attracted everyone's attention,
Standing out you do so proudly with no shame or fears,
Appreciated you are by all as you make them feel so good,
So grand inside when they see you,
Nightfall is approaching and I know you have to leave,
If only for a moment you where there,
You made that much difference to those that came across you,
Just by being as lovely as you are,
Again I shall seek you and we will hopefully meet again,
Someday together we shall be again oh precious rose.


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