A heavenly choice


When I see you I know that love in my life will once again start,

The comfort I feel just by listening to your voice,

Your intrusion was been welcomed by my once aching heart,

Together by fate we where a heavenly choice,

There is no distance between our loving hearts,

The meaning of true love has become apparent to me,

I feel that to love you completely was no mistake,

Every second I spend with you was wholesome,

Complicated and special in its mysterious way,

The joy I felt in your ever loving hold,

The electricity between us every time we kissed,

I love you more than a minor loves finding gold,

Our lives together was a passionate story to be told,

A specially placed area in my heart you shall always remain,

My life was with you and not a moment shall be forgotten,

I think of you every night knowing you kiss me from heaven.


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