A kiss that stopped time


A display of nerves I must confront,

Confiding in my inner self-being for security,

Intimidated by feeling for you the intensity of passion,

Inspired to act upon compulsion due to a vigorous inclination,

I look around aimlessly and as I do your eyes gaze into mine,

For a second, just a second time stopped feeling like infinity,

A moment I shall hold in my heart for all time,

Such a deepness that I have never as of yet experienced,

Slowly I moved towards you trembling inside,

My heart beating faster as I moved slowly within your arms,

Staring into each others eyes without breaking that contact,

Together we moved with such nerves and passion,

Softly we kissed for the first time,

A perfect moment which I never wanted to end,

A feeling of euphoria was upon us,

Care-free we where to everything,

Time and all other existence was no longer,

So close we became in that moment,

Deep in a tranquility so precious,

A memory for this life and the next.


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