A lot of hate and a little love


I was hiding my head beneath a pillow,

As a ted using a brillo,

The shots were screaming throughout the air,

Sound's of shell's landing everywhere,

The sergeant shouting 'Fire at Will',

The engagement creating blood spill,

We found our way to the bomb shelter,

The fire's around us made us sweater,

A house nearby went up in a cloud of smoke,

Shot's rang out as we started to choke,

People were butchered as in abattoirs,

Why had humanity strayed so far,

A man came to the shelter and threw us all out,

Made us march a little then said "Turn About",

Another shot my uncle in the head,

I watched him stagger then fall down dead,

He killed all my family but he had mercy on my life,

Without my family I endured torment and strife,

I've never forgot that day from the past,

This is why we should love one another and make it last.


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