A million different reasons

I have watched each of my children's birth,
I have cut each of their umbilical cord,
I gave them their first nurse as the proudest parent,
Whilst I was feeling overwhelmed on the ward.

I dressed them into their first vest and baby-grow,
I gave them their first cotton wool bath,
I changed their fist nappy,
I took their first photograph.

I was there for their for their first cry,
I have been there since day one,
It is amazing how the miracle of my children's life had begun.

I remember holding each of them in my arms,
So delicate, so fragile, so helpless, so small,
I remember hearing their first "coo"
I remember watching their first roll,

I remember the night feeds that had to be done,
I remember the teething pains from each one,
I remember visiting the doctors and hospital with them in the middle of the night,
I remember always being worried about my children and trying to make sure they where all-right,

I remember all the mess when it came to feeding time,
I remember being filled up inside when I saw their first smile,
I remember supporting each of them as they where learning to crawl,
I remember having to rush round picking up anything that was small,

I remember the laughter as my children where coming into their own,
The faces they made, the sounds, the cheekiness and puzzled expressions,
I know in my heart that I will always love my children,
It is safe to say for more than a million different reasons.

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