A moment is the key


Just a moment with you makes my world complete,

A moment that within itself is an eternity,

An eternity I will treasure from now and forth,

In only a moment you give to me more than you could ever know,

A feeling of security runs deep within my veins when we are together,

A completeness I feel within my once over aching heart,

You have been the cure for my long term loneliness,

A cure by chance and so hard to come by,

You are once in a lifetime and a rarity to find,

You show me more sweetness than honey could ever provide,

You give me more kindness than I ever thought imaginable,

Overwhelmed I am when unto your body you hold mine so close,

You have become to me more valuable than I ever dreamt possible,

Like a shining star you have lit my once darkened life,

You are the key to my heart and my desires,

You have entered everything that I am.


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