A tear of rain


Falling tears you arrive and surround me,
Just warm enough for me to hold no resentment towards you,
The spectrum of true colour you are,
People constantly crying out that soon you will cross their path,
Needing you and more like you to participate in their existence.
From time to time though I can see the inner you,
See the ruthless side to you and others like you,
Causing mayhem and chaos, reeking havoc wherever you go,
Destruction you create giving people heartache and pain,
Amazingly I see how easily people can be deceived by your beauty,
You having the power to take everything in moments,
You are in control of every situation you descend upon,
You have opened my mind, showing your mercy and strength,
At times you have refreshed me, others you have punished me,
Possessions and things I love you can easily take,
But I also know that without you I cannot live,
In all honesty you are my life,
Without you I would not be where I am today,
Praying that you will never be the one to hurt me.


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