A walk of description


She said she would love me for all eternity,

Impulsively in the stillness of the night she said these words,

She said the future was ours and for us alone,

The silence of my mind became overpowering,

Finaly I thought a love to fill my life of insufficient affection,

We started to walk together into the unknown mist,

Her hair started to dance in the uplift of a gentle breeze,

Aimlessly and without direction the softness of her hair tantalized my face,

I was at this moment like a lustful school boy in complete deranged awe,

I watched her ever movement and sweet pure splendor,

She turned around to face me and then she smiled,

A smile as radiant and as bright as the moon,

Her lips where that red of the forbidden rose hidden within the thorns,

As we kissed for the first time we floated in the sensual moment,

I had lost all my senses to this seductive beauty,

It was a beauty that cannot be compared or explained by desire,

Through the mist we floated above the humanity of mankind,

Resigning until this day within the stars that highlight thier glory in the darkest of the night.


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