All because I got lost


The rain falls softly down upon my face,

Hiding my emotions and lonely tears,

Wandering I am feeling as if my heart is in a deserted place,

I scream for someone to find me but no-one hears,

I walk with uncertainty and alone,

Lost I am as I become scared and confused,

All I feel is pain and emptiness in a place I can no longer describe,

I believe maybe that once a loved ones heart used to fill the void that now is,

I fall to the ground with no-one there to catch me,

All I can do is to pray for my day to come,

I see the footprints within the sands of time in my mind,

Knowing before somehow here I had already been,

Something this time felt so different,

As I looked to the heavens the sky was holding the dark,

Somehow disturbing yet somehow spilling it was with pure calm,

Something inside of me has changed the direction I was heading,

I felt the sudden urge to explore and inside it felt right,

No longer scared was I in this place,

Excited and anxious I had become to my senses,

As I walked I saw a figure emerging from within the darkness of the distance,

Slowly and nervously I approached towards the unknown,

I heard the whisper calling upon my name,

Comfortable I did feel when I heard this call upon me,

"Don't be scared and come into my arms" the voice prompted softly,

Slowly she closed her arms around me and everything stopped,

All time had ended and now I felt content and at one with love,

My insecurities had somehow left,

My heartache was no longer,

My tears of sadness where banished as joy overwhelmed,

My life had gone and I could feel nothing except the spirit of love,

The spirit gifted me with the ability to walk amongst the living,

I was shown love and in return I am to show love to another,

You will not see me but you will know when I am there,

The love passed on you will feel compelled to pass it to another,

Slowly the gift of true love shall be spread upon the taking of mankind,

Slowly it shall be spread and all because I was once lost.


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