Be an individual and join the amnesty now


Without life, breathless, your body is laid alone upon the chilling foot-way,
Eyes without movement, they are dilated in an endless piercing stare,
No breath of warmth will ever pass them purple lips ever again,
Your tears of pain have almost been absorbed into your skin,
Only the residue of shimmering salt lines remain upon your cheeks,
Stained in the darkness of your own blood remain the clothes upon your back,
Tan lines of where your assets once where start to slowly fade,
Without anything upon your feet you have been made to walk the unknown,
Penniless and without choice, you have been made to meet your maker,
Changing shades of blue and gray and dropping temperature is all that you can do,
Rigamortis is starting to show in the staleness of your clotting blood,
The only life surrounding you is off the feeding creatures of no morals nor understanding,
A shadow of your body in the murky lights will be cast soon,
Alone, in the subway, will you be eventually found.

Who would have known, that the envy of others was to decide your fate?
A new pair of trainers was to introduce your lung to the deciding blade,
Who knew that your biggest fight would be against an internal piercing?
Not the group that disbursed and separated after attacking and robbing you,
Who would have known that was the last day you would ever see your family?
That was to be the last day in which your loved ones could ever see you smile at them.

The thought being "One coward takes the life of a much loved member of community",
The thought being "Trainers, watch, wallet and life stolen in unprovoked attack"
The thought being "Gang of uncontrollable and dis-functional youths take everything and more"
The though being "There are so many jobs available yet too many choose easy street"
The thought being "Will youths ever trade there weapons for a clocking card and payroll number"

Lay down all your weapons, Bring peace before it is to late, Take value and leadership of your life,
Be your own and not anyone else's property, You are your own responsibility in life,
Use your own mind and not another's negative influence, You alone will be judged on your choices,
Think now, don't be hidden in non recognition by a so called gang, Walk tall, be noticed and take pride in your life and all that you do from this day

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