Beauty within darkness


Lost and deserted I walked alone through the dark night sky,

Each and every star shining and glistening like the frosted jewel,

Silence at its most wonderful filling the air,

The motion was if all time had stopped,

An eternity in a single moment was abound,

Heaven forbid this tranquility was ever to be no more,

The moon giving out its radiant glow,

Only to be described as a atmospheric euphoria was this place,

This was the way everything had begun in its finest of purity,

No chaos or grief could be felt nor did you want for it to search,

Nothing stirring and everything was at peace,

In the darkness I may be but beautiful it is,

From this seduction of the darkness you as I will eventually long to remain,

Everything at its most precious and compelling will make here you long to stay forevermore.


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