Believing in yourself


Through thick and thin I know I must endure everything life throws my way,
Realizing in comfort I know that now, this moment is not nor will be forever,
Angles in, I do believe and I know they are always, in my times of need at my side,
Cried I have and again I will but with belief in my heart forward I must pursue,
Every day in front of me I see the challenges I must face and I must start at them to smile,
Youth I hold in my heart to give me the strength and endurance I need in any situation,
Past I have thrown behind me as the future shows in time laughter once yet again,
Anxiousness I must let go as I know I am missing out on my life,
Set free I shall all my burdens and worries as I have faith for my destiny ahead,
Songs of harmony and music of my mind shall play upon my soul once again,
My times of past struggle have not been in vain as I have always overcome,
On speaking these words I have come to realize that with love around me I have everything,
Regardless of the mystery of life and the way it works in myself I now do and always will believe,
Endless may seem the hill I have to climb but I know the journey will be worth the travel.


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