The snow is falling from the evening sky,

My sudden dreams of christmas passing me by,

The diamond stars above sparkle everywhere,

A day until christmas it is nearly here,

Yes I remember the story that I was once told,

When I was told this I was not very old,

Three wise men went to bethlehem to the stable,

Sitting by Jesus when he was in only a cradle,

To find our savior they had only a star,

It was this that guided them from afar,

Through deserts and towns they traveled there way,

To the place where the prophet baby lay,

He was given offerings of gold frankincense and myrrh,

This was the story for that given day,

Now christmas has arrived and not before time,

The smell of pigs in blankets and the tree of sweet pine,

Needles and cones where scattered all over the floor,

From the decorated tree standing majestic by the front window,

At noon we all sat around the christmas turkey,

Closing our eyes we thanked the god almighty,

We praised the lord for what he had this day given,

His only son as so through him we could go to heaven.


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