Crying heart no more

Verse 1
I sit here with tears in my eyes as in heartache as I look out this window,
I can only feel the pain you left me in when you said you loved me no more,
I hear the rain on the glass in rhythm with my crying heart,
I have flashbacks of when you smiled and said we would never be apart,
I believed truly inside that together we were perfect for each other,
Never did I ever in this world think that I would catch you with another,
When you told me how long this had been going on I saw in you so many lies,
I realized that every moment we had spent together I was the only one to compromise,
For you I know I would have given anything that I could have possibly give,
Wounded in my heart I now am how could I have been so naive,

Chorus music

Verse 2
I look through the photo album and together we looked content and happy,
In every moment that we spent together did you always want to be free?
I wonder if for you was she worth it and is she everything that you expected her to be,
Does she believe all your lies and betrayal?  Did she ever know about me?
I want this hurt no more and it is time for me to let go,
I will never again be a walkover as I am worth so much more,
I’am not going to sit here no longer as of my life you will not be the end,
It’s the weekend it’s time to change its time to move from here it’s time to call my friends,
I shall go out tonight and I shall be found by a descent man,
He shall find me and unlike you he will want me for everything that I am,

Chorus music

Verse 3
I came out with my friends and to stay with them was my intention when the night had begun,
With them I came out to let my hair down and have some well deserved fun,
I sway my hair as I start to dance seductive and sexy,
As I move around the dance floor I brush those after one thing far away from me,
I noticed you with your mates when you where all drinking and bantering across the room,
Visions entered my head for fun I was to be the bride and you where to be the groom,
In a moment I imagined in fantasy and the ending all of a sudden I saw you in a totally new way,
For some reason to me love once again did not seem that far away,
My past memories tonight shall not mess with my head,
After seeing you in that moment I knew that not all good men were dead.

Chorus music

Verse 4
Tonight is here and for me tonight starts now,
Tonight is the night when I start life anew,
I tried to catch your attention when at you I smiled,
My barriers where now down my heart was reconciled,
Nervous I am as I dance the night into the unknown,
Cautiously I move towards you as the attraction is growing,
Something has come over me and I am not going to play it safe no more,
Nothing could ever infringe on this moment and of that you can be sure,
I feel your hands secure around my waist then you start to caress my body,
I feel like there is no one else in the club apart from you and me,
Chorus 1

I see you in the club,
I see you with your friends,
I moved across the dance floor,
Got to get to you before the music ends,
Your moves are perfect,
You set the scene,
My heart missed a beat,
As you did your thing,
In the past I have been a player,
In the past I have wanted more,
Then I saw your seductive moves,
Perfection of beauty of that I can assure,
You looked straight into my eyes,
You gave me a smile,
Before the song ended,
 We danced for a while.

Verse 5
It’s time for me to start moving forward again and for me to stop using rewind,
It’s time for me I know to throw caution to the wind and to leave the past behind,
You have done something to me that I cannot in this moment explain,
Nothing apart from the intensity I feel now has ever to me felt this way,

Chorus 2

You told me you had been let down,
You had been hurt before,
You said you where looking for fun tonight,
With love you could take no more,
You told me that he had lied,
With another by you he had been caught,
That every lie he had ever told you,
His deceit you had bought,
I will not mistreat you,
That’s I promise is a fact,
The planets have aligned again,
In my eyes the truth does reflect.

Verse 6
I have in but a moment changed from a maid to an ungrateful man into a princess for you to see,
Now that I am in your arms I feel I am where I was always destined to be,
I would give it all up this moment if with me you would run far away,
Will you touch me caress me kiss me on my neck will you treat me the right way,
Is there somewhere else that we can go and be alone,
Is there somewhere else we can go and tonight together become one?

Chorus 3

In the past I have been a player,
In the past I have wanted more,
Never in the past though,
Never have I met someone so beautiful,
You do not bore me,
Possessive you are not,
If you ask me,
It’s him that’s lost allot,
This night is ours,
This night is our start,
This night is all we need,
To make amends with the heart,
Believing this soon,
From you I do not expect,
But give me the time,
You will see that I’am descent.

Verse music then fading chorus music
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