Walking down a deserted lonely road,

Pausing to remember that death is a time when we lose those that we love,

I noticed the hallowing moon shining on the ground,

The dark emotions I feel cannot be explained,

Peace inside myself I just have not yet found,

Shadows of death I feel floating across the sky,

A chilling shiver reoccurs down my spine,

To try and keep from these specters I do try,

As down as I feel I tell myself its not yet my time,

Haunting thoughts summoned me to join the blackness of the night,

Voices inside my head enticing me to surrender to this evil power,

Thinking more as to what my death would be like,

Sensing that the shrouds of death once again circle me this hour,

I am led by visions the torment my mind and soul,

To give myself to the night has become an attractive goal,


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