Description of a stranger


His hair was short and scruffy,

In the wind it stayed still as death,

A charcoal dusty black was the colour,

His eyes where beady and brown,

The glare of trouble he possessed,

His mouth was surrounded by lines of time,

Guarded he was by giving the impression he had never smiled,

His face unshaven for who knows how long,

Holding one gold crown within his mouth as he snarled,

He must have been in agony with them missing fillings,

His voice was fearing deep and gruff,

Noticeable where the scars around his head,

Light pink as if they had been there for years,

He had a limp as he walked as if from an old injury,

Shifty was all over him and at a distance he wanted people to stay.


Without a home and without choice he wandered the streets,

Never did he let anyone get close,

Never did he become attached to anything,

He wore a wedding ring upon his grotesque fingers,

He had a locket close to his heart,

He yelled as he punched the wall,

"Why was I not at home with my family"?

He kicked the trash can screaming to the sky

"Why did the fire spread so fast"?


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