Destruction or change


A new birth is born

A master of metamorphism in a ever changing world

Wrapped into a silky cloth waiting to be nurtured into life

Cocooned into a new creation

Stealing from a life to give a new birth

Emotions of the people are so stale

A useless universe with nothing but disaster upon disaster

We are the children who's father has abandoned us

We are the poor bastards with nothing in life

We have become vigilantes to a second hand world

We are the poor bastards that think we have nothing to loose

By what we know we make the same mistakes as our father

Our destiny is the footprints left before us

The race is at a majority is simple minded

We fail as a majority with the knowledge we can be different yet do not

We can create a new path and we can think as individuals

we can believe

If not in each other then in ourselves


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