Do I


Torn from one direction unto the next,

Confused I am as how to think and feel,

I watch you every move with eager eyes,

Hide I do in the greatest of darkness in fear of rejection,

Pray but I do in hope that one day you will notice me,

Tortured I am by the torment of the feelings I hold for you,

Confused as what my heart should do,

Hurt I have encountered many a time and so long it has taken to overcome,

To me you are everything but to you I have not entered existence,

I am here, I am alive,

How long must this masquerade continue for,

If I stay where I am will you ever find me,

If I shower you with affection will you acknowledge me,

If I held out my hand would you walk with me,

When the time was right would you guide me towards the light.


I shall stay here for now and ponder on these thoughts,

I know that the world will keep turning either way,

I know that life does not last forever.


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