Don't betray me I plead


Just to be close unto your heart is all that I ask,

I have been through already to much heartache and pain,

I know not how much more my feelings can be broken before they are beyond repair,

Let your love be not playful but instead thoughtful and most of all let it be real,

Each time I see your face somehow you compel me still with doubt,

You say without being perceived by me as heartfelt the words that you love me,

I long to trust but I have endured loves betrayal to many times before,

Asking myself I do will you give me that peace of mind?

All that I long for is to be together in the comfort of our own beautiful little world,

I really want to find love and with you I am certain I want to find it,

I have promised that there I shall always be for you,

Will you be committed enough to make and keep the same promise in return?


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