Dream or reality


Like a light in the darkest of day you found my heart,

Your heavenly voice called me from beyond the haunting sound,

I was unsure and nervous contemplating on what I should do,

Still I found myself following the sweet scent of love once again,

Feeling the strength and power of your compassion drawing near to me,

I instinctively knew that I had to trust and become closer to you or live to die alone,

A vision of your splendor and inner beauty gave me hope for a sincere destiny,

An inner explosion of mixed feeling's confusingly made me feel sane,

The glory of your voice and sweet face with lips that speak comforting word's and passionately kiss true,

Holding your perfect body close and tight never to let you go as long as my heart beat's and pound's,

Knowing that I am conscious one by one I lose my guards and throw away my fear's,

Yet when does a dream end and reality start.


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