Economic downturn


Awoken you have in a pool of sweat from your tormenting nightmares,
You have awoken in such anxiety from beyond your control,
Like a spinning mote you are now distraught more than ever your ways,
Wondering you do how you can possibly endure the next given day.

In your misfortune you have become a prisoner of the time,
There is no knowledge of what is to come in the emptiness of the mind,
You are but a piece of chess engaged in your destiny of victory or defeat,
The hope in your heart is the all you have of which with the anxiety you try to defeat.

Will the roof still be providing the shelter over your head for another day?
Will there be money to put food upon the table when you next sit down to eat?
Your family and yourself will you be able to keep warm for another hour?
Will the doormat in the morning be filled with letters of red demanding what you don’t have?

The worlds financial downturn has bewitched and altered your mind and spirit,
Everything you thought was progressive achievement in your life has been condemned,
The greed has overcome too many and now for most everything is at risk,
The question is what will fall first our assets or our state of mind for which there is no cure?


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