Ethics and codes


Sat there having everything you need looking down upon us,

Following ethic's and oath's not needing to make a decision,

Sending to soon you do those away,

Those away that come to you for help,

Those still in pain, confused or in sorrow,

Withholding thing's that are most important in people's live's,

Secretly discussing people in a privet room with no remorse or shame,

You do not discuss in full openly your view's and reason for a decision,

Only supporting the chosen few even though there are people worse off,

Having so much power yet you still want more but only to misuse,

Ethic's and independent decisions you make,

You undoubtedly cause the seriousness of mental friction,

We try to explain our view's against you but are restrained,

Only listing to what you want to hear for a decision to be made,

A disgrace to humanity and to those who need your help you have become.


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