Ever lasting debt


Standing patiently waiting for that moment to come,
Erasing all my doubts and fears for that precious moment,
A loss not so long ago repeatedly clouds my mind,
Enticing my concern to constant anxiety within,
The thoughts of loosing another child are distinguished,
Anxiousness creeps alongside excitement as the time draws near,
Still I shall be strong, If not for me then at least my partner,
Trying to convince that everything will be all right,
Never knowing how hard it was,
watching someone close to you slip away,
I watched my 41-week-old son born without life,
With less than two weeks left until our daughter arrives,
mixed emotions are felt,
My days of alcoholism for the need to cope have gone,
A person again I have become,
There is no replacement for what we have lost not so long ago,
Still we have been blessed again,
For that I am in everlasting debt.


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