Every single way


life is a little yet life is allot,
life is a precious thing, yet all we have got,
life is precious yet it can also be sour,
life in it's all will call the hour.

Determined or progressive do we live the way,
Educated or not do we decide tomorrow or today,
Pastures of green or yet do we have the mud of brown,
What emotion will make us be weak and bring us down.

I feel a week and confusion in my aching heart,
I know how I feel yet I do not know in words how to start,
To start from the beginning is much to soon,
From your reading of my words now would your mind must assume.

I write from the heart, not the mind nor a song,
My feelings for you I admit have never gone,
You are in my thoughts to many times a day,
Sacred and secret to me you are in every single way.


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