Who can it be knocking on the door,

Who can it be staring into my window,

Who can it be littering with beer cans on my floor,

Who can it be I'm only a widow,

You have broke my home glass,

Stole things in my life that were of sentimental value to me,

You have hurt my pets,

You have destroyed my memorial tree,

Over the years you have harmed what you can,

You have left me in turmoil and disappear,

You have selfishly damaged my property,

Your still young and what do you care,

Afraid I am now to leave my home at night,

I fear yet more when I walk down the street alone,

Daring now not to go out unless it is light,

Cold is you mind and of stone is your heart,

How can others be like you,

Why do they take part.


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