February 2007


I had not realized how far in life I had actually come,

28th February I had an operation and on the 9th of march my daughter will be one,

A few more days in hospital left I was making a amazing recovery,

It is getting to the point where I long to be with my family,

Soon I plan to be home whereby there I can get well,

I am looking forward to seeing my children and my fiancee so swell,

It is only going to be next month when she gives birth to our new baby,

An april child between the 2nd and 10th maybe,

It seems at the moment everything is happening so fast,

In time I'm sure we will look back and about it have a blast,

I know over the next few months if not longer life will be trying,

Smiles with laughter and breakdowns and crying,

This is the way my life works but I would not change a thing,

It is a white knuckle ride nothing short of exiting.


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