From the darkness I am your light


We had a great thing in the beginning now its just not there,
I never see you anymore I feel you no longer care,
With you I was and with me a part of your life was shared,
I gave you everything I could just to show I cared,
When you left me I did shed tears because I needed you to stay,
You might have felt my love was to much and that is why you went away,
Our togetherness was for a moment a second of your time,
My life was shattered into pieces my heart could only pine,
Lifting you above the darkness was not within my power,
So much I wanted to do this protecting you in that hour,
I wanted to do this so much but this I could not do,
But never for one moment did my feelings cease for you,
Each day that I am feeling lonely I can only think of you,
You where the best thing in my life you where my love so true,
You where my hopes desires and dreams all combined into one,
I have been incomplete since the moment I found you had gone,
I keep hoping one day from the darkness I will be your light,
Bringing peace to you my dear letting you never fear the night,
Time has slowly moved on But you are still within my mind,
If only you came back my love completeness once again I would find.


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