I gaze into the endless horizon over the distant creation,

Walking wide awake in the stillness of my sleeping visualizations,

A time when I am truly blind and deaf does everything become crystal,

Seeing more in my stillness than in the walking life,

Hear I do with perfection unto the sounds of my dreams,

My wondering mind becomes curious and wants to explore,

All of my senses have heightened with distinction,

Passion is increased with every emotion and agenda,

Love, lust, hope, joy, anger, hate, retreat and retaliation,

Every emotions felt is multiplied with distinction,

Only when I am asleep is my body and mind is invincible and acute,

Still I am as my body lays in silent slumber,

In the world of dreams I am everything I can be.


I often question myself do love and hate and other emotions come from the heart,

Can the heart really rule the head,

It has become apparent to me that the brain is only for motor,

The mind is the key element in life,

Everyday thoughts lead to everyday actions which are acted upon by the brain,

Thoughts are stemmed from the mind but where is this function.


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