Have we lost the meaning of christmas

Does the earth have to be submerged in a blanket of white?
Do the rooftops have to hold the footprints of the winter bird?
Do the children have to play with a red of their nose and fingers so numb?
Do lakes have to be frozen for some spirited fun?

Are hats, scarf's, gloves and muffs with long coats the seasons must ?

Do decorations have to cluster your every room?
Does the presents have to stack high under the seasons decorated tree?
Do lights have to Camouflage the abode that was once a home?
Do you now have on your mobile a Christmas choice ring tone?

Changes are made for one reason, yes once again it is that festive season.

Does your credit card have to be maxed, do you have to make a loan?
Do you have to live at work then spend hours shopping away from home?
Does your spending have to increase dramatically when you have no more?
Do you feel your spending has to increase from the previous years before?

Into debt we have gone and in it for years we shall stay, all for the cheer of another Christmas day.

Cards on the wall and the window with a few more to come,
Carolers at the door giving to you their song,
Mistletoe and wine, work party's and shopping some more,
No money for January when the bills come through the door.

Christmas we think is sought as once again seasons greetings we have bought.

The true meaning of Christmas is not on a note, cheque or upon a coin,
This in confusion we seem to have forgot,
It is not in the expense of gifts nor amounts we give,
It is the ability to forgive and love, it's small things that to another mean allot.

Christmas is not how much we spend but it is how much to another we mean.

Cards are sent with compassion in the words.
In stockings are traditional fruit and nuts,
Kind gestures are shown towards others,
A time when family are together for they want it to be a must.

All you have do do is have the ones you love by your side, This is the truth of Christmas and the awaited yuletide.


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