I gave you everything that I believed I could give,
Filling your life, Fulfilling your dreams,
I knew all along that it was not always the money that I had,
But instead' the company of me, to you it seemed,
I listened to your wishes, I did hear unto your call,
You wanted me to be who I was inside and all that was all,
You did not mean for me to in love fall, I did not expect nor mean to fright,
You never expected for me to give my all, my everything tonight.

I know that you wanted me to take things slowly,
You did not wish me to break your heart,
You did not want to break your vows,
Inside I now realize, You did not wish to spoil before the start,
You did not expect me to be the one,
To you I was still a mystery,
You did not know anything about me,
All you needed was my honesty.

I told you all I could about me and after I could never leave your side,
For you, I was all that I could ever be for anyone, No magic carpet ride,
It does not matter any longer about other people, As long as for you I can be strong,
With each of us being honest with each other, I know quite often that things will go wrong,
Times have been trying, Of that I know there is no way round,
But what is a relationship without a sturdy and solid testing ground,
There has been between us, Much laughter and many tears,
Here is the positive thing though, It has been for many, many my dear,

years upon years.


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