I must sacrifice


Awaking early of a morning I stumble out of bed,
Preparing for the dreaded chores of the day ahead,
Leaving my loved ones I head to work for my first shift,
For some reason for this moment my spirits do not yet lift,
Setting out the door at 5.30 in the morning,
I head towards the car all stretched but still yawning,
Thirty minuets drive then I shall be there,
For the journey I play loud music to lower my care,
At 6 I arrive for my day to begin,
Seeming like forever I do the same old thing,
Arriving back home I do just before half past four,
Wearily I travel through our homes front door,
I have a bath and a smoke and only something quick to eat,
In ever such a rush my health I must compete,
Seems like no time at all before I am out again,
My other job starts at 6.30 I must be insane,
Famished and dehydrated I arrive back sometime after ten,
knowing that tomorrow this I must do again,
My body is weak but I hope in my heart,
My family and newborn will have a comfortable start.


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