In your eyes


Deep within your eyes I see the truth trying to break free,

Years upon years your emotions have been hiding,

Far from the surface,

They have been within the darkness of your crying heart,

Afraid you have been to let the true you show incase of any hurt,

You have been constantly scared of letting to me down your guard,

You have refused to let me emotionally get close unto you.


You try to give others the impression that you are strong within,

Unnerved to try to make people persevere you whilst the battle inside remains,

Insecure within maybe you are but love will fight through,

You feel as if your heart is starting to overpower your mind,

The intensity of all the events you try to make sense of,

Tears of your confusion and your fears start to fall from your eyes,

Vulnerable you have become as you lean towards the shoulder of hope.


With caution I feel as though I must fight through your defenses,

I am determined to overcome any obstacle you place within the path of my heart,

It is a rarity to most but to you I myself have dropped my guard,

As scared as you think you might feel, I am defenseless,

I have entered into a situation helplessly but with knowing its worth,

I know I will either find heartache or love but this path is the one I have taken,

This fight I shall endure until either way you I have won.


Sacred are my words and my heart for you will always be in the right place,

The way that I feel is to great for only words,

Always and forever my heart will be near to yours


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