Inspirational Ashes


I used to walk these lanes before sunrise,
Often just starting to sober and wake up after spending the money,
The money that was supposed to feed us all,
Knowing there was not enough to buy clothes,
I often spent what I did get though to drown my sorrows,
Well one day life's table had changed,
With pride I walked on the first day of my new job,
Knowing that I could buy coal, warming coal,
Being able to buy rather than my wife picking up the fallen,
The pieces fallen from the horse drawn cart,
I was to proud but she had begged shamelessly,
For left over from those truly wealthier,
I couldn't afford new shoes for my children,
Repairs all I had was the spare of a bike,
How my children where mocked at school,
Having a bike inner tube to mend their shoes,
I am old now but one question I hold,
Do the generations below us not know,
Know how truly lucky they have become?


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