Is making love such a sin


Who knows?

Is this a life of uncertainty?

What is loves meaning?

An urge to make passionate love,

Is it a feeling or compulsion?


The darkness of the room was softly lit by scented candles,

The mystery of our past's laid hidden deep within our eyes,

The feeling of the naked bosom in contact with my chest,

Oh such a feeling I could never explain,

Slowly I laid upon her as she gently pulled me down,

Wrapping her legs securely around my waist she kissed my lips some more,

How could I resist this temptation?

The pain and pleasure as her nails slowly clawed down my spine,

My thrust was becoming more intense,

My heart was starting to race like it had never done before,

Suddenly she grabbed my buttocks raising hers from upon the bed,

She was pushing me further into her body,

The groans as her head tilted from side to side,

She pushed herself towards me to seductively bite my lower lip,

The sound of her breathing in my ear as her cheeks where upon mine,

I placed my arms under her arms cupping her shoulders with my hands,

Her soft lips started to work her way around and under my neck,

The sweat of passionate exhaustion between us was building,

Our toes where curling as we both grabbed the sheets,

Crumpling them tightly in our grasp,

A orgasmic explosion between us both occurred,

Disorientated and still shaking I lifted my head,

We paused and just stared deep into each others eyes,

A night that only could be shared and remembered by us.


Why is such a sin so pleasurable I ask?


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