Is this the time


Take me to the place that I now know is not forgotten,

No longer finding bitterness and sorrow, just the sweetness of passion,

Once I was placed with only nothing but torment in life,

I prayed alone that soon would come the end of the haunting of this strife.


I know the world will keep on resting assured the consistency of my time.


Everything has once again changed for the worse,

As previous experiences it was all the same,

Nothing but a recalled emptiness in my heart,

I was alone and deserted in my life yet again.


What could ever come into my life to heal this ever expanding pain.


My aching heart is once again tearing into two,

Can I trust another with my feelings of love,

I know my doubts and concerns withdraw me from society,

I ask myself constantly "in all this turmoil what am I now to do"?


My emotions of hurt are running around leaving me in no state of mind,

I ask myself "will I find a true love and when will this I find"?


It was all unexpected but in all honesty I was lured in by the sweetest of eyes,

I found myself breathless and quite taken by surprise,

Every hurt endured in my life seemed to aside be cast,

Once again in no time at all I was falling to fast,

I asked myself "could this be the one"?

Furthering my questions to myself "will this last"?


I felt nothing short of complete when I was within your presence.


My life suddenly had new meaning every time we had gotten close,

I made a promise to you if you loved me,

Together or apart I would always be with you,

No matter how great the distance,

My heart would always be with you following from coast to coast.


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