The Earth listens as Mother Nature calls upon her children,
Not a movement, eternal silence amongst the waves of breeze,
Called upon and gently falling, does that of the chosen leaf,
Leaving her place of time with individual splendor,
Becoming a graceful float does her fall become,
As if the she wants to savour her journey,
Showing her autumn transformation with pride and majestic glory,
She wanted to be noticed,
As herself not just the compliment she once was,
Her time had come to be noticed and stand out,
No longer hidden by the peers of the her time,
Proudly she displays, as if flaunting her blessing of colour's,
This was her moment of triumph where nothing could compare,
No other leaf confined or obstructed her from others to see,
No element of nature could take her magnitude of beauty away,
Sensually she glided, with eyes of envy upon her,
Her moment to be proud and stand out from the others,
She had been chosen specially from the crowd,
This was the story of her long awaited journey.


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