Kiss unto reality


I see your face no matter how far away I am as I walk with hope inside,

I see your smile no matter how great the distance,

I approach you with my longing heart and my arms trembling by my side,

I was besotted immediately trying to understand why you have given me this chance.


I stare aimlessly as you I approach far into the heavens above,

In a moment of brief prayer I ask that this could someday be love,

Closing my eyes I see the flashing scenarios of my imagination,

Hoping upon hope that you could be the one.


As I draw near she outstretches her hand into mine,

With natural elegance she slowly strokes aside from her face her hair,

Looking deep into my eyes she tilted her head and gave me a warming smile,

In one perfect motion she had drawn our bodies together.


Together we where alone in the setting of the most beautiful night sky,

As one person we admired the tranquility of the witnessing stars,

Knowing that in that moment was perfection at each other we smiled,

Nothing could ever compare with the fulfillment and internal peace we felt.


Gazing up into my eyes she smiled as she moved her face closer to mine,

A gentle breeze in the moment was caught by her long dark shining hair,

Softly I place my hand upon the side of her face stroking the gesturing hair from her eyes,

Smiling at each other we slowly moved closer until we felt the warmth of each others breath.


Closing our eyes as our lips where about to connect with my hand still upon the side of your face,

Our bodies nervous and closer than they had ever been before,

The smiles had surrender to the emotions of perfection,

For the first time our lips connected in the truth of passion.


I felt the explosion of my life and apart from you everything else became nothing,

You held me tightly as if you never wanted this moment to end,

With the tender kiss from those lips of yours so true,

I knew in my life and in reality I wanted to be now and forevermore with you.


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