Longing for you


Where can I go just to have peace and spend time alone,

Why do I constantly await you call on the telephone,

Can I ever disappear for myself just to be,

The torment of anxiety why does it follow me,

Sitting alone I can think only of my love for you,

The moments without you I will have to get through,

You where the first person I managed to love from the very start,

Why does life insist on meddling with my aching heart,

The distant between us has been feeling far to great,

Even though I hurt now my love for you was no mistake,

I once believed that fate had brought us together for an eternity,

Blindly believing that you where the one for me,

Parting our ways on good terms when our relationship came to an end,

Rather you not being in my life at all you have became my friend.


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