Love to a mother


Journey of my life began when I was first held tightly within your arms,
Arms that were to cradle me and hold me throughout the rest of my life,
Close to your heart I always felt as I grew before your eyes always within your love,
Quietly in my ear you always knew the right words to say to comfort my anguish,
Understanding that only a mother could show you always had and I know you always will,
Laughter and tears over the years have been shared as beside me you always were,
In my time of need you always had that listening ear that in I could confide,
Not one moment in my life has gone by that deep down I have ever doubted you,
Beside me in my good times and holding me throughout the bad have you always been,
Always do you enfold me with your angel wings providing me with the strength I need,
Loving me you have as a mother does without condition or conviction,
Deep within no matter the circumstances I know your mothering love for me has no end,
Without your persistence and constant guidance I would today not be where I am,
I know I am forever in your debt but I know you don’t ask for anything in return,
Now I just want to thank you for being who you are and to say I love you.


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