Loving in tranquility


Tranquility falls as soft white flakes,

Floating in perfection aimlessly surrounding me,

A cold sensation yet holding so much warmth,

I feel the distance of the light has been drawn close,

An indescribable sensation in a deep state of mind,

The relaxation is the realization that I have fallen in love,

Confusingly enough the love I feel is at some what of a distance,

Making the distance I know I have to make,

I do not know when but someday I will,

The thoughts of being on my own have been shattered,

Love I have longed for and love I have often missed,

One day I swear I shall make it in life,

My life has started again from this point,

Now I know in which direction I should be heading,

I shall follow now only my heart,

I shall learn the meaning of being loved,

Finding that someone that in turn I can be loving.


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