Lust and love


This is the story of our goal and glory,

The way in which I felt that night about no other,

You where a vision when I saw you that night,

Tantalizing my fantasy's with your encouraging glances,

Seducing my dignity when your hands ran through your hair,

You pouted them lips whereby I could not resist,

Hypnotized with your beauty I was in a trance,

As I approached you, you noticed and came towards,

When you give me that smile my heart was pounding in my chest,

The music and the atmosphere had disappeared as if only we where there,

There and then I wanted to go wild with you all night long,

We danced for a while and kissed in the moment,

Back to yours we went so the night would not end,

To the bedroom we went not wanting to waste time,

Nervously smiling at each other we slowly stripped one another of our clothes,

Together and gently we laid each other on the bed,

Our eyes could not be taken off each other by anything in that moment,

As I thrust slowly and with passion I could feel your nails down my spine,

You moaned with such pleasure as you wrapped around your legs,

Sweat was building as our hearts started beating as one,

An explosion between us that sent us into a euphoria,

As we kissed and gazed our hearts began to slow together,

Glowing and relieved facing together we laid on our sides,

Over and again that night we where renewed with a erotic ecstasy,

This was so much more than a intended one night stand,

Had we found each other by some written fate.

It was like I had found my soul mate for the rest of my life.


Time had passed and together we have aged with our rings on our fingers,

Even though we have great grand children we can remember that night as if it where yesterday,

To dream of how lust leads to love like this is our story.


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