Precious and pearled was the start of creation,

Each man and each beast created without hessitation,

God is our father at his side he has mother of nature,

From the largest of ocean created to the smallest of creature,

Blessings we have such as grass swaying beneath the ancient trees,

Being able to hear the rustling sounds of the leaves in the cooling breeze,

Watching the birds in formation commanding the sky,

Oh! messiah how I pleasantly sigh,

The sun and moon not forgetting the stars in space,

With perfection you created this place,

The rivers of time and the streams that would last,

An evolution that was evoked before our life in past,

Everything indervidual and unique in its own special way,

After each night there is the break of new day,

Every person you molded from your partial portrait,

Free will and destiny you have given us along with fate,

Blessed and merciful you are with all that you have done,

Patient you have been looking beyond the sins of everyone,

Forgiving you are and when we need you you are there,

With our undiveded trust in you our Lord we have nothing to fear.


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