My everything


Longing to feel your presence within my heart,
To feel the truth of your love deep within me,
You are all I need and for so long have needed,
So many time if not more for me you have been there,
I have come to realize without you I am nothing,
I know that with your purity I have reason for living,
You have come to me with your undivided love,
You have filled my heart and of negativity cleared my mind,
You have taken my hearts pain and of all my fears,
You have released my emotions that where once to myself captive,
You have comforted me and wiped away my lonely tears,
Tenderness you have shown me like no other has shown me before,
I beg of you to never leave my side,
Possessions to me now are nothing as they don't have your value,
My desire is now only to have your tender and nurturing love,
You have made me realize how precious love truly can be,
To the deepest of my heart you are my all,
You my love are everything.


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