My heart has been sold


Days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer,

A new meaning of true love has for me been found,

Precious is the time that I have spent thinking of you making my love grow stronger,

I feel joy and comfort when you come round,

Thoughts of you alone keep me so warm,

Perfect in my life without ever a storm,

I feel when I am with you I am floating in a paradise,

There is no stranger in your eyes and there is always passion in your kiss,

Love has never showered me as much (it feels so nice),

When I am with you I am in bliss,

The feeling I experience when I am in your hold,

Words are not enough this feeling could not be told,

As time moves on I think of my love for you,

Such a sensation when I gaze into your eyes,

I cannot explain it but I know it is true,

An everlasting smile I always see upon your face,

Blessed in all ways and you where gifted with grace,

This is the way in which I have always wanted to feel,

I cannot believe for me it is real,

I will be honest if I dare be so bold,

You have won me over and to you my heart is sold


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