My wedding poem

dedicated to Pauline lawton

18th august 2007



Once upon a time, As in a fairy tail does start,
A paradise of fiction, That always lulls the heart,
Into the golden sunsets, Do the maiden voyages sail,
As in the battle field as always,Our heroes do prevail.
We say the stars glisten at night,
The sun shines throughout the day,
Alas the winds will blow, Each and every way,
The snow will fall in winter,Birds will sing in spring,
Leaves will fall in autumn, Summer gives everything.
Like the story's and seasons, we do wish to be true,
Nothing could compare, With my passion for you,
There has been one thing missing, All throughout my life,
But that will become complete my love,
With you as my wife.
I have no white horse, prince valiant I am not,
True love for you my princess, Is all I have got,
I cant promise the world,
I will admit that from the start,
All I can offer you Pauline, Is my undivided heart.


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