Now with certainty


Who knows thee? I ask myself in no particular uncertainty of who you are,
Distant stars and nearby sands subdue to your submitting presence,
Scorned and belated is but the tongue you posses of many daggers,
Wretched is your ways but for the lesser of evil is your act,
Silenced are the many, who against you are condemned,
Tremble does the mountains as you attain the earth’s command,
The almighty fire’s shiver in cold when you stand in their path,
Waters make way in a fear of drowning within themselves,
The wind, but a passenger travels with accordance to your rules,
Elements submit to your ways that are of neither witch nor wizard,
Nations of army’s and legions are of no consequence to the mortal lands,
The sword is no sharper than the bluntness of the unforgiving tongue,
Fruits are of no sweetness as bewildered has been the way of man,
Land of no opportunity has been left without the gift of growth,
Smothered has been the once sacred life of purity,
Condemned into eternal darkness has been brought by our seductions,
Furnace of damnation until no end is the structure of future,
No monetary arrangements can save our destined souls,
Neither idols nor spells of cults can guillotine torture of our destiny,
Neither rock nor bush can we hide when our judgements are neigh,
Neither nor all can we undo our rebellious ways of past,
May we in flames burn for eternity or beg in humble accordance,
Life is today, death is tomorrow, what is today’s action?
I know thee now and with all certainty of who you are I am sure


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