Only the blind can see


Sitting here feeling nothing except thoughts for you,

Feelings that i wish I could describe,

No words could possibly compensate the strength of my desires for you,

Not even my actions could show the truth of my love,

With you is all that I now need to be,

It seems forever that I have been searching for someone like you are,

It is obvious to me that no other could ever compete with your qualities,

As I see you perfect doesn't even come close to describing you,

You have never shown me any hatred and have been able to give me so much of your love,

I was once shallow and the truth shall be told,

Loving how beautiful you where on the outside thinking that was love,

Over time I came to know you more and I fell out of love with the perfection of your flesh,

Hopelessly I fell deep into love with the tenderness and beauty that lay within,

I thought I could see but I realized my sight went no further than your flesh,

If only I was blind to begin with then I would have seen the truth of your beauty sooner.


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