Is it a week or more I just don't know,

Is it one day or an hour who can be sure,

Is it a moment, a second is it a moment less,

Do I breath, do I not, am I humbled with forgiveness,

Is each breath borrowed or are they my own,

Captive or freedom will I be shown,

Dignified or shamelessly will I be left or taken,

Should my words be my thoughts or should they be spoken,

If it is my time then quietly I shall go,

If it is not then I shall be blessed some more,

It is not up to me only my fate will choose,

Whether my heart shall remain beating or whether my life I shall loose.


I have awoken after the operation proving that fate was on my side,

I give thanks to the Lord for letting me live with admittance,

Its been one emotional ride.


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