Peaceful beauty


Perfect with the sound of silence as the stream flows,

Only the beginning of the beautiful journey we can only imagine,

Flowing fast yet with such splendor she dances with the obstructing stones,

In the self made rapids she is thrilled,

spraying with laughter she does as she plays,

Never does she settle until she knows the first part of her journey is nearing its end.


Time has come for the stream to progress,

She slows upon the approach of the nearing brook,

Prepared to spread the love that she has carried throughout,

Without flaw she widens her compassion to everything around her,

Each curve of her journey is nothing short of graceful,


Life has become more noticeable as this once innocent stream merges with its destiny,

Maturing into the stage of the river she enters without any upheaval,

Her beauty becomes even more so noticeable,

Showing the true splendor of the complimentary woodland she does within her reflection,

Autumn golden and red leaves attractively sail upon the majestic of her,

Nurtures she does as she passes the warmth of the dark soiled banks.


Perched above as if royalty is the young but mature contempt kingfisher,

Observing what the opportunity the river may at some point bring his way,

The kingfisher understands the goodness and importance of this particular river,

This is the river that he was destined to.


It is amazing as the kingfisher connects with the river,

Perfect swirls of ripples that could only ever be of water and water bound existence,

The night arrives with the kingfisher always by the rivers side,

A darkness brings the river to reflect the stars of the night sky,

The stars appeared as if to be jewels of imagination,

Forbidden jewels of the night that only the kingfisher could see.


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