Please forgive me


You are not ready to forgive me,
You have persecuted me for my crimes,
You cannot bear to look at me anymore,
But I beg for your forgiveness now,
Throughout these difficult times.

You may not understand why I do what I do,
In a few words to you I will try to explain,
The path in my heart has grown dark,
Things keep blocking my path to that open door,
My soul is screaming in pain.

In the darkest of nights that so hurt I am alone,
Tortured in captivity of a shattered life I have been bound,
Invisible to all I am within the eternal blackness,
I stand alone, unsheltered and vulnerable,
Once again I need to be saved, but first I must be found.

There is hope to see me through or you I would not ask,
Be Strong and find forgiveness in your heart for me,
The light from the darkness before you have been,
You are the only one that can guide me from where I am,
Your heart will guide true just try and you will see.

To others I am nothing short of a lost cause,
It is too late but now the reason for I can understand,
Life has taken me on paths that I have had no meaning,
My actions have been of the dying of a once sane person,
I beg of you to revive me and guide me with your hand.

I have been at times the most unforgivable of person,
Thinking of some of the things in the past I have done,
Deserving a second chance by those close that I have hurt,
This I know I should not get,
Still I beg for your forgiveness as if not for you then there is no one.


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